Examine.com Review 2024: Is It Reliable & Worth the Money?

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Examine review

Do you value health and nutrition above all? If so, then this review of Examine.com is for you. When it comes to health and nutrition, having access to reliable information is crucial. However, with so many options in the market, it can be difficult to make informed choices. In this article, we will review Examine.com, a popular resource for dietary and nutritional information. 

We will carefully analyze Examine.com’s current state, investigate its reliability, and determine if it’s a smart investment for you. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions for your health and wellness journey. So, join us as we explore Examine.com’s offerings and provide you with all the necessary information to make the best choices.

What is Examine?

Examine.com interface

Examine is the largest database of nutrition and supplement research on the Internet. Its team of 30 researchers works full-time to provide reliable information to millions of individuals. 

The Examine mission is to provide unbiased and up-to-date information about nutrition and supplements to people. This helps them make informed decisions regarding health decisions. The platform aims to debunk all the marketing hype and unveil only the facts supported by scientific research. 

Its goal is to empower individuals to control their health by providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions. Examine.com believes that everyone deserves access to reliable and unbiased information about nutrition and supplements without any hidden agendas or biased perspectives.

Examine.com vs. NatMed Pro

Let’s compare Examine to its number one competitor, the NatMed Pro. We will discuss the key differences between these two resources regarding numerous factors. 

Feature CategoryExamineNatMed Pro
Target AudienceBroad: Institutions, health professionals, general publicFocused: Pharmacists and health professionals
Team CompositionMultidisciplinary: MDs, NDs, PharmDs, RDs, DPT, MPHPrimarily PharmDs
TransparencyHigh: Credits authors, fact-checkers, medical reviewersLower: Less detailed crediting
Research Coverage150+ new studies summarized monthly, easy-to-readInformation in monographs, complex narratives
Topics CoveredBroad range: 400+ conditions, 1000+ outcomes, 500+ supplements1400+ monographs on various health topics
Updates & TransparencyDetailed public update logNews page with updated summaries
Supplement InformationExtensive database, efficacy details, lighter on dosage and safetyComparative charts, more in-depth safety and dosage info
Reader EngagementEncourages feedback, easily accessibleLess intuitive feedback system
PersonalizationCustomizable updates and topicsNone
Continuing Education3 CECs per month9 CE/CMEs and 1 CE program
User InterfaceModern, responsive, user-friendlyOlder interface, slower search
Navigation ToolsNew user guide, glossary, various checkersLess intuitive, no user guide or glossary
Institutional AccessCustomizable appearance, user managementBasic access, less customization
Overall SuitabilityIn-depth, diverse content, user-friendlyFocused on supplements, drug interactions


  •   Designed for a broad audience, including institutions, health professionals, and the general public.
  •   Rockstar team with MDs, NDs, PharmDs, RDs, DPTs, and MPHs.
  •   Provides transparency by giving credit to authors, fact-checkers, and medical reviewers.
  •   Covers 150+ new studies each month in an easy-to-understand format.
  •   Dives into a wide range of topics, including 400+ conditions, 1000+ outcomes, and 500+ supplements.
  •   Huge database with details on supplement effectiveness.
  •   Keeps readers engaged and allows customization of updates.
  •   Offers continuing education credits.
  •   Sleek and easy-to-navigate user interface.
  •   Institutional access includes customizable appearance and user management.

NatMed Pro:

  •   Targets a more focused audience, primarily pharmacists and health professionals.
  •   The team is primarily composed of PharmDs.
  •   Provides less transparency in crediting contributors.
  •   Delivers information in monographs with complex narratives.
  •   Covers over 1400 monographs on various health topics.
  •   Updates and transparency are communicated through a news page with summaries.
  •   Provides in-depth safety and dosage information through comparative charts.
  •   Less intuitive system for reader engagement and no personalization options.
  •   Offers more continuing education opportunities with 9 CE/CMEs and 1 CE program.
  •   The user interface and search functionality are considered older and less intuitive.
  •   Basic institutional access and less customization.
  •   Best suited for professionals focused on supplements and drug interactions.

We conclude that Examine stands out in this comparison analysis. It’s perfect for anyone interested in health, nutrition, and supplements. NatMed Pro is more specialized, catering to health professionals with a focus on pharmacological details, offering more continuing education credits but suffering from a less user-friendly interface and limited engagement tools.

Let’s explore the smart people behind it.

The Founders

Examine Review

The founders of Examine.com are Sol Orwell, Kurtis Frank, and Kamal Patel. They are experts who understand the need for a comprehensive and trustworthy source of information on nutrition and supplements. They are dedicated to creating a platform that would fulfill this need.

Sol Orwell has a background in the tech industry, which puts him in charge of innovation. Kurtis Frank is a biochemist specializing in supplement analysis. He ensures that the information provided on the website is accurate and evidence-based. Kamal Patel is in charge of creating summaries and content.

Because of their combined knowledge, expertise, and dedication, they have established a platform that has become widely recognized and respected in the healthcare and fitness industries. With the help of their platform, the process of finding and understanding relevant research in nutrition and supplements has been simplified. 

Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle today! Join Examine.com and access trusted information that empowers you to thrive.

In the next section, we will discuss and dig deeper into the benefits of using Examine.com. We will also tackle how it enhances the quality of care professionals provide in the healthcare and fitness industries.

Why Examine Stands Out?

Examine.com nutrition analysis

Given that the people behind Examine.com are all experts, it is no surprise why they stand out in the crowd.  Here are some of the reasons why Examine.com stands out when it comes to supplement reviews. 

Comprehensive Coverage

When it comes to health and nutrition, there’s a lot of information out there. What sets Examine.com apart is its dedication to providing comprehensive coverage on various health and supplementation topics. Whether they’re diving deep into a specific supplement or giving an overview of a health condition, Examine.com leaves no stone unturned in their research.


Transparency is another thing that makes Examine.com stand out. Each article on the website includes references so that you can fact-check their information in many ways. Plus, they carefully evaluate the reliability and relevance of their sources before including them in any article.

No Advertisements or Products Sold

Unlike sketchy health websites, Examine.com doesn’t sell supplements or push specific products through annoying ads. This means you’re getting unbiased information without any shady business regarding supplements or health products.

How Examine Conduct Reviews?

Examine.com reviews

Examine.com is renowned for its thorough and evidence-based review approach, particularly in the health, nutrition, and supplement sectors. The process they follow is meticulous and designed to ensure that the information provided is accurate and reliable. Below is an overview of how Examine.com conducts its reviews:

Topic Selection

Examine.com focuses on timely and relevant topics for its audience, primarily regarding health, nutrition, and supplements. It often selects subjects based on the interests and queries of its user base, ensuring the content is responsive to current concerns or trends.

Preliminary Research

The team begins by comprehensively collecting existing research, studies, and data on the topic. They access various scientific databases to gather peer-reviewed papers and clinical study reports.

In-depth Analysis

Each study is critically reviewed to assess its methodology, findings, and relevance. Findings are cross-checked with other studies to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Expert Consultation

Examine.com consults with healthcare professionals, researchers, and academics to gain deeper insights. Expert opinions are used to add depth to their reviews, particularly in complex or emerging areas of study.

Drafting the Review

The information is compiled into a comprehensive review, summarizing the key findings from the research. They translate complex scientific data into more understandable terms for the general audience.

Fact-Checking and Verification

Before publication, each review undergoes a rigorous fact-checking process. They check the content for accuracy, ensuring it faithfully represents the research findings.

Review Updates

Reviews are regularly updated to incorporate new research findings and developments in the field. This process ensures that the information remains current and relevant.


When publishing, Examine.com clearly outlines its review methodology, enhancing the credibility and trustworthiness of its content. They make the reviews accessible on their platform, often accompanied by references and links to original studies for further reading.

Audience Engagement

Post-publication, Examine.com often incorporates feedback and questions from their readers, which can lead to further clarification or additional updates.

User-Friendly Interface and Experience

Examine.com, known for its comprehensive and scientifically backed health and nutrition content, also significantly emphasizes its user interface (UI) and overall user experience (UX). The website’s design aesthetics and navigational elements are crucial in how users interact and benefit from the vast information available. Here’s an overview of these aspects:

Design Aesthetics

  • Clean and Modern Layout: Examine.com’s clean design enhances readability and user focus. White space is particularly effective in making the content stand out without overwhelming the user.
  • Consistent Branding: The website maintains consistent branding throughout, with a pleasing color scheme conducive to a calming reading experience. This consistency in design elements like fonts, colors, and logos contributes to a cohesive user experience.
  • Visual Elements: Examine.com’s use of infographics, charts, and other visual aids is a standout aspect. These visual elements make things look good by breaking down complicated information so it is easier to read and understand.
  • Responsive Design: With a significant portion of users accessing the site via mobile devices, Examine.com’s responsive design ensures a seamless experience across all platforms, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Navigation and Usability

  • Intuitive Navigation Structure: The website’s navigation is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Categories and sections are clearly labeled, making it easy for users to find specific topics or types of content.
  • Search Functionality: Examine.com’s robust search feature lets users quickly find specific articles, studies, or information on particular supplements or health conditions.
  • User-Centric Features: Features such as customizable reading modes, font size adjustments, and light/dark mode options cater to individual user preferences, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Loading Speed and Performance: Their website is optimized for fast loading times. This helps maintain user engagement, especially when accessing data-heavy pages like those with multiple charts or images.
  • Accessibility: Examine.com adheres to web accessibility standards, ensuring that the site is usable by people with various disabilities. This includes screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and image alt text.
  • Educational Approach: The layout and design are geared towards education and ease of understanding. This is evident in how content is structured, with summaries, key points, and detailed explanations provided in a logical and easy-to-follow manner.
  • Feedback and Support: The site offers easy access to customer support and encourages user feedback, which is essential for ongoing UI and UX improvements.

Examine.com Supplement Guides and eBooks

Examine Interface

The resources available on Examine.com are widely known for being thorough and based on research, particularly in the areas of supplements related to health and nutrition. Some of its most valuable resources are the Supplement Guides and eBooks, which offer detailed information on a variety of supplements. 

These resources cover topics such as the effectiveness of various supplements, how to use them, and the scientific evidence to support their use. Below is a brief overview of these resources:

  • Purpose and Content: The Supplement Guides at Examine.com are meticulously crafted to offer in-depth information about a wide range of dietary supplements. They cover various aspects, including efficacy, dosage, safety, and the science behind how these supplements work.
  • Target Audience: These guides are designed for both health professionals and individuals looking to make informed decisions about supplement usage. They are particularly beneficial for those seeking evidence-based, unbiased information.
  • Structure and Accessibility: Each guide is structured for easy understanding, starting with a summary, followed by detailed sections on benefits, potential side effects, interactions, and research-backed dosage recommendations.
  • Topics Covered: The guides encompass a broad spectrum of supplements, ranging from common vitamins and minerals to more specialized supplements for specific health conditions or wellness goals.
  • Regular Updates: Examine.com ensures that these guides are regularly updated to reflect the latest research and scientific findings, maintaining their accuracy and relevance.

Let’s also explore the eBooks they offer:


Examine.com nutrition guide reviews
  • Variety of Topics: Examine.com offers a range of eBooks that delve into specific health-related topics, supplement strategies, and nutrition plans. These eBooks are comprehensive and geared towards individuals seeking to expand their knowledge in particular areas.
  • Research-Driven Content: The eBooks are grounded in scientific research, offering evidence-based insights and practical advice. They often include references to studies, making them a valuable resource for those who wish to explore the science further.
  • Format and Design: Designed with the user in mind, these eBooks are formatted for easy reading and navigation. They often include charts, tables, and infographics to enhance understanding and retention of information.
  • Practical Application: Beyond theoretical knowledge, these eBooks often provide practical tips and advice, making them useful for everyday decision-making regarding health and nutrition.
  • Availability and Access: These eBooks can be accessed directly from the Examine.com website, often available for purchase or as a part of a subscription package.

These Examine.com’s Supplement Guides and eBooks are essential resources for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of supplements and nutrition. Because of their concern for the people, they stand out from the other review sites. They are committed to delivering evidence-based information, clarity, and practical applicability, and that makes them valuable tools in the pursuit of health and wellness.

Forums and Discussion Boards

Examine.com review highlights

Examine.com’s forum and discussion boards are awesome! They have a hub you can see different people around the world talking about where supplement-related topics and sharing knowledge as well. 

What is also good about their community is it is filled with experts and enthusiasts, sparking lively discussions and promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. Whether you need recommendations, want to share insights, or just have a meaningful conversation, our forum and discussion boards offer a supportive and informative environment for users of all backgrounds and expertise levels. 

Expert Q&A

Examine.com takes community engagement a step further by offering an Expert Q&A section. This feature allows users to submit their supplement-related questions to a panel of experts. The experts provide evidence-based answers backed by scientific research and their years of experience in the field. 

This personalized interaction ensures users receive accurate and reliable information tailored to their queries. The Expert Q&A section not only helps users gain a deeper understanding of supplements but also fosters a sense of trust and credibility in Examine.com’s expertise.

With its user-friendly website design, active forum and discussion boards, and expert Q&A section, Examine.com goes above and beyond to create a robust user experience and foster community engagement. This dedication to providing a comprehensive and interactive platform sets Examine.com apart as a reliable and valuable resource for individuals seeking evidence-based information on supplements and their impact on health.

Examine.com Membership Options

Now that you know the many benefits Examine can offer and how they conduct their reviews, you may be thinking of subscribing. If so, here are the membership options you may consider.

The Free Membership

Exploring the offerings of Examine.com’s free membership reveals a surprisingly generous array of features and resources, setting it apart from other review sites that often provide limited access without a subscription. Here’s what members can enjoy at no cost:

  • Health Database: Free members have access to a vast health and nutrition information database covering a wide range of topics from general wellness to specific health conditions.
  • Supplement Summaries: Summaries of various supplements, including their potential benefits, uses, and basic scientific backing, are available to help users make informed decisions.
  • Monthly Newsletters: Stay informed with newsletters highlighting the latest research findings, updates to supplement guides and insights into emerging health trends.
  • Research Updates: Examine.com regularly updates new studies and research in the health and nutrition field, ensuring users can access the most current information.
  • Articles and Guides: Various articles and guides on health, nutrition, and supplements offer valuable educational content that helps demystify complex topics.
  • Supplement Interaction Checker: This tool checks potential interactions between different supplements, helping users safely plan their supplement regimen.
  • Nutrient Depletion Checker: This feature allows users to identify which nutrients might be depleted by certain medications, providing a useful resource for managing health and nutrition.
  • Q&A Section: A community-driven Q&A section where users can ask questions and receive answers from both the Examine.com team and other knowledgeable community members.
  • Feedback Loop: Once you are a member, you can give feedback. Examine.com uses this feedback to improve and tailor their content and features.

Personalization Features

  • Custom Alerts: Users can set up alerts for topics or supplements they’re interested in, ensuring they never miss an update or new piece of research.
  • Bookmarking: The ability to bookmark articles, guides, and studies allows for easy reference and personalized content curation.

No-Cost Entry to Premium Content Previews

Examine.com occasionally offers previews of premium content, giving free members a taste of the in-depth analyses and comprehensive guides available to subscribers. Join the Free Membership today and unlock a world of evidence-based information at your fingertips!

The Plus Membership

Introducing the Examine Plus Membership! This is the way to go for those looking for comprehensive and in-depth resources. With a nominal monthly fee or a one-time lifetime access fee, you unlock a host of exclusive benefits.

  • Gain full access to the Examine Database, with extensive evidence grades and data from thousands of studies.
  • Delve into the nitty-gritty details of research findings and deepen your understanding of the science behind different supplements.
  • Stay up to date with the ever-evolving scientific landscape through the Research Feed. Get summaries of the latest studies in your specific areas of interest, with 150 new summaries added each month.
  • Explore the 17 comprehensive Supplement Guides included in your Examine Plus membership. These guides offer step-by-step recommendations on which supplements are most promising for specific health goals. With over a thousand pages of content, they provide detailed insights on how, when, and in what context to take supplements.

Examine.com offers both free and premium membership options to suit your needs. Whether you choose the free membership or unlock the full power of our research with Examine Plus, rest assured that our resources are reliable, comprehensive, and evidence-based.

Examine.com has decided to reduce the price of the Examine+ membership from $29 per month to just $19 per month, making it even more accessible. Curious to discover the benefits of a membership? Take advantage of their complimentary 7-day trial and experience all that awaits you.

How to Use Examine.com Website

Examine.com comprehensive review

Now, for you to be able to navigate the Examine.com website, here is the overview of what you can see on the user interface and some tips to help you get the most out of your visit:

1. Start with the “About” Section

  • Understand the Mission: Familiarize yourself with Examine.com’s mission and approach to health information to appreciate the rigor and objectivity behind the content.
  • Learn About the Team: Knowing the expertise and diversity of the team behind Examine.com can give you confidence in the information provided.

2. Explore the Health Topics

  • Broad Categories: Examine.com’s Health topics are divided into broad categories, such as Supplements, Nutrition, and Health Conditions. Start by selecting a category that interests you.
  • In-Depth Articles: Each category contains in-depth articles and guides that provide comprehensive information on specific subjects.

3. Utilize the Search Function

  • Keyword Searches: If you have a question or want information on a particular supplement or health condition, use the search bar for quick access.
  • Filter Options: Use filter options to narrow your search results based on categories, relevance, and more.

4. Check Out the Supplement Guides

  • Evidence-Based Summaries: The Supplement Guides section offers evidence-based summaries on various supplements, including their benefits, side effects, and research findings.
  • Dosage and Recommendations: Look for practical information, such as recommended dosages and how different supplements might interact.

5. Review the Latest Research

  • Study Summaries: Examine.com regularly updates its database with summaries of the latest studies in health and nutrition. This section is invaluable for staying up-to-date with current research.
  • Key Takeaways: To understand the implications of the research findings, Focus on the “Key Takeaways” section of each study summary.

Additional Tips

Engage with the Community

  • Use the Q&A Section: The Q&A section allows you to ask questions and engage with other users and experts. It’s a great way to get personalized answers and learn from the community.
  • Feedback and Suggestions: Examine.com values user feedback. If you have suggestions or need clarification, please reach out through the site’s feedback mechanism.
  • Personalize Your Experience: Consider creating an account to personalize your experience. This can include setting up topic alerts, bookmarking articles, and accessing exclusive content.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Subscribe to the Examine.com newsletter for regular updates, summaries of new research, and exclusive insights.
  • Take Advantage of Tools and Resources:
  • Interactive Tools: Use interactive tools like the Supplement Interaction Checker and Nutrient Depletion Checker to make informed decisions about your health regimen.

Navigating Examine.com with these basics in mind can enhance your experience and ensure that you make the most of the health and nutrition information available on the site. Whether you’re a health professional, researcher, or just someone interested in improving your well-being, Examine.com offers valuable, evidence-based insights to support your journey.

Worth the Money?

Now, let’s address the burning question: is Examine.com worth the investment? While Examine.com provides a ton of free information on its website – like articles, guides, and supplement reviews – it also offers premium services for those seeking in-depth analysis and personalized advice. So, if you’re looking for top-notch information and tailored guidance, Examine.com might just be worth it.

If you’re truly committed to maximizing your health and wellness, investing in Examine.com’s premium services is definitely worth it. With their expert reviews and recommendations, you’ll surely make informed decisions about what supplement is best for you. Your well-being is in good hands, no doubt!

Why Reading Reviews Matters?

Reading supplement reviews is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Informed Decisions: Reviews are important because they inform you about supplements’ safety, efficiency, and possible side effects. Thus, you can make smart decisions.
  2. Quality Assurance: Reviews often discuss the quality and purity of supplements, helping you avoid products with harmful additives or substandard manufacturing practices.
  3. Understanding Efficacy: Based on real user experiences and scientific research, supplement reviews show how well a supplement works for a certain reason.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Reviews can guide you to supplements that offer the best value for money, helping you invest wisely in your health.
  5. Navigating Marketing Hype: The supplement industry is known for its aggressive marketing. They help you understand what supplements truly work and what is only hype.
  6. Personal Experience Insights: Reviews often include personal stories, which gives a clearer picture of what to expect and how different supplements impact individuals differently.
  7. Updates on Latest Trends and Research: They keep you updated on the latest news in the supplement business, such as new products and study findings.
  8. Avoiding Interactions and Risks: Reviews can alert you to potential interactions with medications or health conditions, promoting safer use of supplements.


How do I get started with Examine.com?

To get started, simply visit the Examine.com website, explore the free content, and consider signing up for the newsletter or a premium subscription for more detailed information and tools.

Can I contribute to or provide feedback on Examine.com?

Examine.com welcomes feedback from its users and the broader community. While it has a dedicated team for content creation, user feedback is valuable for improving the site and its offerings.

Is the premium subscription to Examine.com worth the investment?

The value of the premium subscription depends on your specific needs. The premium content could be a valuable investment if you require in-depth research, advanced tools, and comprehensive guides to make informed health decisions.

How can Examine.com help me with my health goals?

Examine.com can provide the information needed to make informed decisions about supplements, dietary choices, and lifestyle changes that can support your health goals. However, it’s important to integrate this information with personal health advice from professionals.

How often is Examine.com updated?

Examine.com is updated frequently, with new studies and articles added regularly to reflect the most current research findings in health and nutrition.

Final Thoughts

So, after knowing all the features and benefits Examine.com offers, do you think it’s worth investing in? Let’s break down all the good things about it once again:

  • It is an invaluable resource for individuals seeking evidence-based information on supplements and their impact on health. 
  • They have comprehensive supplement ingredient breakdowns, product comparisons, rankings, and various supplement guides and eBooks.
  • They meticulously conduct research, perform thorough evaluations of research findings, and cite credible sources. 
  • They offer a user-friendly website design and a friendly community where you can ask and talk about supplement-related topics. 

As you can see, Examines.com stands out for many good reasons. Whether you opt for the free membership or choose the Examine Plus membership to unlock the full power of their research, you can rely on the reliability and comprehensiveness of the resources provided by Examine.com. It is the go-to platform for anyone seeking to make informed decisions about supplements and their impact on health.

Discover the power of evidence-based health and nutrition information with Examine.com. With their trusted resources and expert insights, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions about your well-being. Start your journey with Examine.com now and unlock the secrets to a healthier lifestyle.

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