Yoosung’s Story: The Compassionate University Student of Mystic Messenger

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Yoosung is the caring and loving university student of Mystic Messenger. If you want a guy that will ask how’s your day, then meet him and find out everything about him.

To some, the puppy type of guy is really attractive. Mystic Messenger team knows that well that is why they have Yoosung take that place. If you want to get to know this cutie, read along.

About Yoosung

Yoosung is one of the characters that you will encounter in the Casual mode of the story. He is a university student and the youngest in the group. He’s often regarded as the ‘puppy’ in RFA because of his sweet and young nature.

He’s the human toy of the handsome Zen with which he always teases about his physique. Yoosung is Rika’s cousin and he still can’t get over her death. You will notice in the first days of playing the game that he always mentions Rika to the point that it’s exhausting.

Personality and Appearance of Yoosung

Yoosung is really a kid by character and has not yet met maturity at all. He is very caring and loving like he’s never been hurt before. Moreover, he’s the type of guy that would initiate asking how your day went. He’s also the man you would look forward to having a party by using Mystic Messenger Emails.

Just like the young generation nowadays, Yoosung is very addicted to the video game called LOLOL. He can’t even focus on his studies because of his obsession with the game. So don’t be surprised if he will mention that he’s got some new items for the game.

Yoosung’s Looks

Yoosung’s look shows much about his age. He usually wears a sweater or any casual clothes that has blue in it. The blonde hair that he has used to be black. Yoosung’s cute violet eyes will make you want to pinch his cheeks.

How to get the Heart of Yoosung

In spite of his young nature, Yoosung can’t be swoon up easily. He wants to be treated like a man and be supported in his passion for gaming. At the same time, he wants someone who will help him be a better person.


  • Help him calm down in difficult situations
  • Help him change his habits subtly
  • Encourage maturity
  • Push up his ego by complimenting his looks
  • Defend him against other member’s teasing
  • Be selfless for the RFA and its members
  • Be loyal to RFA


  • As much as possible, don’t discourage him in playing LOLOL
  • Don’t be too clingy
  • Never treat him like a kid as opposed to how he acts
  • Don’t get swayed by his constant comparison of you and Rika.

Is Yoosung your type of guy?

Based on all the information we’ve got for you, what do you think of Yoosung? Is he something that you would consider over Zen or Jumin (the businessman)? Let us know in the comments down below.


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