707 Mystic Messenger: Inside the Mind of the Game’s Genius Hacker

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The absolutely genius hacker of the team. Meet Saeyoung Choi also known as “707” in Mystic Messenger. Do you wanna know why he was named 707? Let’s reveal some of his secrets.

Saeyoung Choi, better known as 707 or Seven, is the most important character in terms of understanding the overall 707 Mystic Messenger. He is the enigmatic agent who was an unknown link to the Mint Eye.

To get a sense of how you can unlock his deepest secrets and capture his heart, follow this 707 Mystic Messenger guide!

About the 707 Mystic Messenger

707 is available in Deep Mode. Since his route gives you a greater understanding of the overall plot, we suggest that you play him last. Our recommended order is Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, V, and then 707 before proceeding with his Secret After Endings and then Another Mode.

707 is a gentle prankster who is an absolute genius at hacking. He enjoys goofing around and poking fun at the other members of the RFA who sometimes get irked by him. Nevertheless, they respect him for his skills and talent. He created the Mystic Messenger Email app himself and rarely meets with other people in reality since he is often kept busy by his demanding day job.

To win the heart of 707, you must be playful and creative. Join in with his antics but also be willing to persist when he lets his guard down and show you the other side of his lifestyle. He will come to realize that you are worth letting into his life once you prove to him that you have the perseverance and courage.

You will earn a red heart when you create a connection with 707 Mystic Messenger, but this does not guarantee that your choice is related to a good ending.

Here are some general tips to help you win the heart of 707 in Mystic Messenger:


  • Play along with his antics
  • Flirt and be open about what you feel for him
  • Appreciate his hacking abilities
  • Show concern for his well-being without being critical of his lifestyle
  • Encourage him to learn to balance work and life
  • Show interest in his life and emotional state
  • Keep your conversations with him lighthearted during the first four days
  • Keep your attention on him after Day 9 and forget about the party


  • Don’t blame him for security breaches
  • Don’t act like he belongs to you and allow him to be distant
  • Don’t seek for his attention when he is working on something
  • Don’t be too playful after Day 5
  • Don’t listen to Saeran when he tries to convince you to doubt on 707
  • Don’t flirt with Jumin so you don’t end up on the wrong route

The Verdict on 707

Everything that’s mentioned here will still depend on your choices. Truth is, you’ve got other routes as an option so don’t freak out if you had a bad ending with Seven.

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