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We’ll help you interact with handsome men with this newest dating simulation app. Play and enjoy the game!

Mystic Messenger WIKI is today’s favorite game by most of the ladies out there. The fact that you can interact with handsome gentlemen in a virtual world, that alone can flatter you.

This game is created for people who do not enjoy playing war or arcade games, but simulation games. Mystic Messenger is a unique online game which gives every single female the chance to interact with men who have different characteristics. Male characters include 707, Jumin, Zen, Yoosung, and V.

Our website will walk you through the game. From the characters and their personalities to Mystic Messenger emails guide for a successful ending, everything is included here.

So if you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are very willing to help you as much as we can.

Meet Our Team

The brains behind Mystic Messenger WIKI

Mirtha Hadley (B.Sc & Ph.D.)

Mirtha has been a fan of online simulation games since her teenage days. Such games are her way of relaxing and enjoying spare time. She is now concentrating on her family since she is already successful in the career she has chosen. She is also learning how to cook when away from work.

Kenneth Oneal (B.Sc)
Content Writer

Kenneth is a smart and happy person. He loves to socialize and enjoy things to the fullest. Aside from working as a full-time writer, he is also busy managing his own business. One of his hobbies is playing mobile games on which he spends most of his time during breaks.

Aaron Hernandez (BS.IT & M.IT)
Web Developer & Professor

Aaron is working as a web developer and college instructor at the same time. He teaches computer software and hardware, web designs, and multimedia applications. He is now studying and mastering software development which he had dreamed of becoming to be.

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