Zen Mystic Messenger: Meet the Ultimate Heartthrob in the Game

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If you are looking for an ultimate heartthrob, here’s Zen. His real name is Hyun Ryu. You can find him funny as well as a bit flirty among the Mystic Messenger guys.

Anyone falls for the handsome one. But if that someone also has a good personality then Zen is the one you’re looking for. For those abs-loving girls, the Mystic Messenger app will help you get to know Zen more.

Mystic Messenger’s Zen

Zen’s real name is Hyun Ryu. He’s the celebrity of the group and has been perceived as narcissistic because of his love for selfies. He is one of the routes you can choose from in the Casual story mode along with Yoosung.

One thing that you’ll notice about Zen at first is that he’s the flirty one in the group. He would be that guy who gives you pet names right away. He’s very dedicated to being an actor and musician because he wants to prove that he’s more than his looks.

During the game, he may often mention that he’s getting ready for practice and rehearsals. But what’s funny about him is that he usually rants about his director and being under their control. Jumin loves teasing him a lot and they love to have banter with each other.

Zen Mystic Messenger Personality and Appearance

As we’ve mentioned Zen is no doubt flirty. But what makes him interesting is he ‘s very nice to the player’s character and even willing to adjust to her pace if he becomes too fast in the budding relationship.

He appreciates his appearance a lot that it cringes everyone in the group except for the player’s character and Jaehee. If he’s always teased by Jumin Han, Yoosung is his human toy. He loves pestering Yoosung to work out in order to achieve his physique.

His appearance is much that of a celebrity – a muscular build and a fair skin. He has long silver hair and pinkish-red eyes.

How to get Zen’s heart

Since Zen is more of an outgoing person, it would be really easy to have a good ending with him, especially when you successfully invite guests to party thru the mystic messenger emails with him. Just be guided by the following tips:


  • Respect Zen’s passion for his work and his independence towards it
  • Never forget to compliment him
  • Unlike Jumin, Zen would love to have you care for him and occasionally flirt.
  • Be open about your thoughts about everything even on what you think about the other members.
  • Encourage him to be positive about himself and on other things.


  • Don’t agree with Jumin
  • Be nice to Jaehee
  • Hate the idea of cats
  • Be welcoming when he wants to have a conversation
  • Don’t give him instructions unless helps him to be positive in life
  • Don’t belittle him

Is Zen your type of guy?

If you’re more attracted with the romantic ones, Zen Mystic Messenger will definitely give you a good ending. Tell us what you think of Zen in the comments down below.

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