V Mystic Messenger: Unraveling the Mystery of the Enigmatic Character

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Kim Jihyun a.k.a “V” is the most private guy in Mystic Messenger. Though he may seem complicated at times, he has his cool personality that lots of girls will surely love.

Mysterious guys are sometimes the sexiest character in a group. Maybe it’s because of the exclusivity that you can get if you’re a part of his secretive life. And for that, Mystic Messenger made it a point to include V’s interesting character.

Who is V Mystic Messenger?

V’s real name is Jihyun Kim. He has a mysterious character due to his rare appearances in Casual where you can play Hyun Ryu. He is also available in Deep Mode along with Seven or “707”. He’s the current head of RFA after the alleged passing of Rika.

Rika is V’s fiance but the relationship ended up in misery. Rika pursued a dark vision of changing the world which V totally opposes. With that, Rika was able to hurt V that almost blinded him.

V knew that Rika is part of a religious cult named Mint Eye. Rika got threatened by V that she even dared to kill all of RFA members if V acts rashly. This explained why V kept at arm’s length with the RFA members.

If you want to keep V a company, you can create your own party and impress him. But that will require effort and time since you need to invite guests and answer their questions in a mystic messenger email to enter the party.

Mystic Messenger V’s Personality and Appearance

V is the type of person who loves to keep his life private. Even though he’s enduring difficult situations, he tends to keep it unless provoked to reveal anything. That also goes with his career as a photographer.

V is a professional photographer and just not the ordinary but a good one. Though he prefers to shy away from the limelight. His personality also applies to how he treats other people with which he respects their own personal space.

Loyal V Mystic Messenger

In spite of him being a bit of a distant person, he’s very loyal and gives much value to one’s life. When Rika went crazy about her ‘cult desires’ V didn’t have a second thought of sacrificing his own life in place of others’.

As for V’s appearance, he has blue eyes and hair. The style of his hair is much of a modern hip with shaved undercut making him look more badass. He dresses in a modern hip vibe. His usual outfit includes a pair of high cut boots, slacks, a black turtle neck, and a silver coat. Now that’s what you call handsome.

How to Get V Mystic Messenger’s heart

Although V may sound complicated, it really isn’t. It’s more of like just letting things fall naturally. So here some tips on how you’re going to do that.


  • Trust him and encourage him to be better
  • Respect his privacy and any matters between him and Rika
  • Help him not to be self- loathing
  • Keep things in a natural pace


  • Never push things too hard whether its emotions or ideals
  • Don’t belittle things that he values most like the RFA and the messenger
  • Be loyal to him and don’t flirt with others
  • Don’t show aggressive and hostile behavior

Is V Your Type of Guy?

V is the type of person who has been through a lot. But, these types of people are wiser and have pure hearts. So, if you liked V Mystic Messenger personality let us know in the comment section below.

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