Jumin Han: The Business Savvy Character of Mystic Messenger Explored

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For sure, lots of girls will appreciate someone like Jumin Han. He’s a quiet person and always thinks about business. Oh, Jumin Han is also a cat lover which kinda makes him cute at times.

If you’ve watched a lot of K drama, you’re maybe one of the girls who adore guys in tuxedos and heirs to corporate. Well, if that’s the case, then you’re more likely to get the route of Jumin Han in the Mystic Messenger dating app.

About Jumin Han

Jumin Han is the character who grew up in a silver spoon. He is the heir of the C & R International and always go on business trips. Jumin Han is very dedicated to his job and to the company. He longs to prove his capability of running the company in his term.

Then, there goes Ms. Jaehee Kang who is his chief secretary. She and Jumin Han have a close relationship, but Mr. Han always gets on Jaehee’s nerves due to unusual errands like taking care of his cat. Jumin Han is a hardcore feline lover to the point that he only has concern for his cat all the time.

But don’t worry! You can still communicate with Jumin Han. You can actually meet Jumin Han at the party. Just make sure you invite the right guests for a gathering via the mystic messenger emails.

Jumin Han: Personality & Appearance

Jumin Han: Jumin’s personality is the usual one you find with rich heirs. He’s quiet and more of a business-minded one. He never gets involved in any slang conversation and even hates it.

Jumin Han doesn’t get along with women. He loves teasing Hyun Ryu a.k.a Zen all time and spends more of his time with Jaehee. He may seem a bit stern, but Jumin Han has his soft spot too. Actually, as soon as you get to him, he’s really a softie hiding in a hard shell.

Jumin Han is always in a tuxedo all throughout the game. He is tall and slim. His eyes are gray and his hair is mostly black but has brown highlights on it. These features make anyone perceive Jumin Han as stern especially with his pale complexion.

Jumin Han and Elizabeth III

If you know Jumin Han enough, you’ll surely not miss knowing his cat Elizabeth 3rd. You may even notice that Jumin Han‘s profile in the game is focused entirely on his cat. Elizabeth the 3rd is a fluffy white Persian cat with blue dazzling eyes. Elizabeth is a ball of cuteness that no wonder why Jumin is so fond of her.

Whenever Jumin Han is out of town, he normally leaves Elizabeth with Jaehee. Jaehee, in turn, hates the idea of having the cat in her apartment. She calls the cat’s shed hair as C-hair and hates it a lot.

Fun Facts about Jumin Han

  • Jumin Han can play instruments like violin, piano, flute, and traditional Korean flute called danso
  • Jumin Han doesn’t know a lot about commoner foods.
  • When stressed, Jumin has a habit of drinking wine regardless of time and place.
  • He prefers to wear three-piece suits.
  • Jumin Han has no specific preferred looks in women, but he likes those who are punctual and polite.

How to win Jumin Han?

In order to get Han’s heart, you must adhere to his personality well. Because if not, we all know what will happen next (wink).


  • Praise Elizabeth 3rd a lot
  • Agree with everything he says
  • Side with him against Zen
  • Comfort him and understand his struggles
  • Get hearts from him and don’t get hearts from him


  • Don’t act like a gold digger
  • Don’t obsess over him
  • Elizabeth and his work are over you
  • Always trust him

Is Jumin Han your type of guy?

So if Jumin Han gives you some sparks, then adhere to the reminders above and you’ll surely get his heart. What do you think of Jumin Han? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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